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As a coach, I am biased towards the greatness of Flux.  I know that it creates flexibility in a stiff frame, builds strength in under-worked muscles, and develops stamina in a tired body.  Flux proves itself both as a supplemental program or as a stand-alone regimen again and again.

But all this information is material touted by countless fitness programs and gyms world-wide.  Some things work better for some people than others; this is common knowledge. It’s nothing new to say these things and sell people on the idea.  

Why Flux, though?  

In my history of working out at different establishments and diving headfirst into various fitness practices, only in Flux have I seen the positive results of community support and the development of personal drive within an athlete.  Flux is much more than the idea of fitness and wellness. It is putting both into practice and reaping the rewards.

Only in Flux have I watched someone believe in themselves enough to literally jump out of their comfort zone, and go from 12” high box step-ups to 20” high box jumps.  Only in Flux have I seen people desire to lift heavier amounts of weight. Only in Flux have I seen people push themselves to work longer during a workout. Only in Flux have I heard people volunteer to share how good they feel after a class or two.  Only in Flux have I seen people flourish in their exercise of choice because they supplement with the flexibility/strength/conditioning hybrid.

But really, why Flux?

Let’s get a little science-y.  

Flux starts with a yoga-based warm up.  Why? Because warming up stimulates blood flow, which brings oxygen to muscles and organs, which prepares the body for hard work.  Stretching promotes muscular health and bodily awareness.

Then there is a 10-12 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout.  Why HIIT? Because short bursts of intense energy usage has been shown to increase muscle growth, fat reduction, improvements in stamina during longer duration workouts, and boosts metabolism, among many other things.

We end with yoga.  Because.

Stretching prevents injuries. Stretching lets the nutrients in the blood reach the muscles easier to allow for faster and more complete recovery (which, in turn, reduces post-workout soreness).  Stretching improves circulation and increases overall energy.

Using those elements, Flux checks all the boxes and helps you redefine your comfort zone:

Burn Fat/Tone Muscles ✅

Build Strength ✅

Improve Conditioning ✅

Improve Mobility ✅

Move & FEEL Better ✅

Flux’s focus is to improve the lives of the people who come to class.  It gives our members a safe place to try new things, strive towards goals, and the comfort in knowing they can be themselves and that the coaches have their backs.

Why Flux?

Because you deserve it!