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Welcome back to The Morning After, the official blog post of Friday Night Lights!

How is there only one week of Friday Night Lights left? These last few weeks have just flown by. I’m personally thinking there will be thrusters and double-unders in Week 5, but we will see. (I mean I did predict Week 4. Just saying) Not only is this the last week of FNL, this week also marks the 2-year anniversary of CrossFit Icehouse. It’s hard to believe that two years ago, CrossFit Icehouse started as a tiny gym in a single stall shop on Oak Street. We are very privileged to have our two fearless leaders, Coach Sara and Coach Courtney, dedicate so much time to our Icehouse community. Let’s throw down on Friday and then celebrate their hard work!

If you are registered for FNL,the party is FREE!  If not, you are absolutely still welcome, but it will be $10.  (Trust me you’ll get much more than $10 of fun out of it 🙂 ) Here is the link to pre pay for your ticket: https://crossfiticehouse.sites.zenplanner.com/event.cfm?eventId=DB52BCF2-1BDA-4701-8729-8EC183ED8052

Enough of the sappy stuff, here is a recap of Week 4 of Friday Night Lights!

Week 2 MVP
Congratulations to our Week 4 MPV, Nick Benjamin! Not only did Nick rock his workout in the scaled division on Friday, he redid 17.4 in the Rx division on Sunday and totally crushed it. Below is a short interview with Week 4’s MVP:

Why are you doing The Open?

I am doing the open because last year was amazing and the coolest experience I have ever had. There was no way I was going to not do it again.

What’s your favorite part of CrossFit Icehouse?
All of it. The people make it a miniature community that is both open to anyone and yet exclusive. The coaches are amazing and the new place is unbelievable.

What’s your favorite hobby?
Reading books, hanging with my dog & anything soccer.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?
I am a nerd in everything Star Wars and Harry Potter.

Congrats again, Nick!

Individual Placings of Week 4:
Women’s Rx      Men’s RX       Women’s Scaled     Men’s Scaled
1. Leslie                   1. Jordan           1. Cierra                        1.Shane
2. Hannah              2. Andrew         2. Laura                        2. Jake F
3. Whitney             3. Karl                3. Carly                         3. Darren

Team Placings after Week 4
1st: Flex Appeal 324
2nd: Turn Down for WOD 293
3rd: The WODding Crashers 266.5
4th: Sass-Squats 264

Week 4 Team Spirit Award:
The WODding Crashers

Don’t forget to give yourself a gold star on your team scoreboards for challenge points. Be honest! Some challenges will take some time, so do not claim points you did not earn!

*This week gold stars need to be on the board by 8PM Friday so we can announce the winner during our party!

Shout out to some big PRs this weekend!!

Julie: 93# Deadlift
Josie: 83# Deadlift
Andrew T: Most duck lip selfies ever taken in one evening by a grown man (*validity of this statement has not yet been confirmed)
Morgan: First Rx Open Workout
Lindsay: First Rx Open Workout
Nick B: First Rx Open Workout
Haylee: First Rx Workout
Sara Gunther: First Rx Open Workout
Shots: Improved score from 122 in 2016 to 171 in 2017.
Noel: *Didn’t complain during wall balls! (*validity of this statement has not yet been confirmed)

Let me know your PRs by shooting me a Facebook message or emailing me at nancy@crossfiticehouse.com by 9pm Sunday evening.

What do you have to look forward to during Week 5 of The Open?

Schedule Reminder:
• Thursday: No 6:30 class or 7:30 Yoga. There will be Open Gym at 6:30pm. The workout for Week 5 will be released around 7pm Thursday evening, so swing by and watch the release with us.
• Friday: No evening classes. Warm ups start at 4:30 and the first heat starts at 5:00pm. The Two Year Anniversary Party will start around 8pm.

**This week only, NO CLASSES SATURDAY!  It’s been a long 5 weeks of FNL and moving, take the day as a rest day! Our regular, non FNL schedule will resume on Sunday (yay yoga is back!)**

Week 5 Sponsor:

Romo’s Mexican Deli and Catering features flavorful authentic Mexican cuisine classics like burritos, tacos, soups, salads and more!

Week 5 Theme:
Icehouse love! Wear your Icehouse swag, maybe bust out some red and blue attire, or come as a giant snowflake. Don’t forget your FNL t-shirts for a group photo on Friday.

Week 5 Challenges: Each challenge is worth one point. Please have your points marked down on 8pm Friday evening so we can tally them for awards!
• Lifestyle: 3 random acts of kindness
• Fitness: Accumulate 20 minutes in a bottom of a squat.
• Recovery/Mobility: Spend 5 minutes a day on a foam roller or using a lacrosse ball.

For more a more detailed breakdown, check out Coach Mo’s and Coach Shoe’s video on Week 5:

As always, reach out to your team captains with any questions you have. Let’s finish Friday Night Lights strong!