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So a few weeks ago I went to TedX Fargo, and one of the speaker’s topics was “Own Your Stuff.” So here we are 🙂

As most of you know, I quit my day job 2 months ago (wow those 2 months flew!) to focus on Icehouse to try to help make it everything Coach Sara & I want it to be.  AKA I needed to stop half a$$ing 2 things, and whole a$$ one thing.

One driving factor in making that decision was the simple fact that I wasn’t owning my sh*t…I mean stuff.  I was using the day job, and lack of time it created as an excuse for how we were doing ron swansonas a business, my training, my nutrition, lack of rest, etc etc etc.  Yes the 50 hours I was spending at a job I didn’t care about, distracted constantly about the gym (which I actually DO care about) was a contributing factor, but a factor that I chose.  So if I wanted things to change, I would have to do something about it.

Now, I am not telling you to walk into your boss’s office and throw in your badge & keys, but I am urging you to step back and take a look at what is holding you back from where you want to be (this can be in your career, life, health, fitness, anywhere really), and really think about what is driving that.  And furthermore, really look at that information and see how it sits.

One of my (many) personal examples: nutrition. The base of the fitness pyramid, it is ridiculously important, yet I was saying “I’m too tired too cook, I forgot to meal prep, I lost track of time between classes, etc etc.” If I as a gym owner can’t own my sh*t and get my nutrition in line, how could I possibly be expecting our members who work full time, have kids, spouses, and lives outside of the gym to also deal with do reign in their nutrition when I was half a$$ing it myself?  When I actually sat with that information, it did not sit well AT ALL.  That is so hypocritical it’s embarrassing.  pyramid

While I was okay with my overall nutrition, not like I was washing down Sandy’s with a 6 pack on the reg, I still needed to be more dialed in and consistent. I now spend my Sunday afternoons meal prepping for the week, and it’s already made a huge difference.  A few hours on a Sunday = less scrambling during the week, eating the right foods, more energy, and already some big PR’s. Even some better sleep to boot!  Every Sunday I still have to make myself go in the kitchen and do it, but damn does it feel good when it’s done!

So, what is holding you back?  Here are a few common ones we hear:

jerkNot enough time? – How many hours of TV are you watching a day?  How long do you spend scrolling through Facebook every evening?  Maybe that time would be better spent reading, or at the gym…

Not enough money? – How much are you spending monthly on eating out?  Happy hour?  Amazon splurges?  A simple budget & plan can easily cover a gym membership and real food.

I’m too out of shape?How did it get this way?  What can you do to change it?  All you have to do is start. Go for a walk.  Get the bike out of the garage. Do SOMETHING!

It’s summer, I’ll start in the fall – Now I get it, beer seems to taste better on a hot day, but if you are waiting to start something fall will turn into winter, winter will turn into spring, then it’ll be too nice to start again before you know it.  So go for a walk.  Get out the bike…see where I’m going 🙂

So I ask again, what is holding you back?  What can YOU do to change it?