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How many times have you told yourself that you’ll start something on Monday? I’d bet it’s more than one. I’m here to tell you that sometimes, you don’t need to wait until Monday. Start today. It’s like the old saying goes, “the best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago, the second-best time is today.”  You might be wondering what I’m talking about so hang in there and I’ll explain.

“After the Holidays”

The holiday season is coming up, and we have all said or heard someone say “I’ll start my diet after Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years.” As if starting to eat healthy now would inhibit them in any way from being able to eat certain foods for those three days. It might make you be more conscious of your decisions on those days, but that’s the point.  Ask anyone who is currently eating clean, we will all tell you that on occasion we eat in a less than ideal manner. That’s okay.  When you start to eat better your body becomes more efficient. It knows what to do with nutrients when given them in the proper quantity. Then when you give your body them in the wrong quantity on special occasions your body has some ability to buffer that. Eating pizza once is way less harmful than eating pizza every day. What it really boils down to is every day you eat well, you take a step forward. Every day you eat not so well you take a step back. Instead of taking 30 steps backward, take 27 forward and three back (the holidays), that way at the end of it all, you’re 54 steps ahead of where you would have been had you decided not to eat healthy.


For certain things I am a serious procrastinator. I’m working on it and have made a lot of progress. Before I came into the icehouse family I would often wait until the last minute to start anything. I didn’t always do it on purpose, but it always ended up coming back to kick me in the butt. I have found that when I start a project as soon as I know about it that I have time to tweak and change it and end up with a far superior product. Not to mention the stress that I avoid by not getting crunched by deadlines. Having a paper done on Monday that’s due at 11:59 on Friday is a whole lot less stressful than writing a paper at 10:30 on Friday that’s due at 11:59. The simple act of starting a project, well in advance of the deadline can put you miles ahead of where you otherwise would have been. Having a packed schedule we can sometimes find ourselves feeling like there is no time to start, but if you read my last blog, titled “Discipline = Freedom” you are armed with extra knowledge, and know that sticking to your daily discipline can leave you more flexibility, for instances exactly like starting a project early. Which will lead to more time later, to build in other things. It’s like there’s this whole plan, to help us achieve awesomeness.

Just do it

Stop putting it off, just do it already. There will always be some obstacle in the way of you starting whatever it is you want to accomplish. The holidays, a trip, a visit to your parents, kids school schedule, your schedule, whatever. That’s life. We are busy people. If it’s something you really want to accomplish, you will find the time, and it might as well be today. We all have these things that we want to accomplish, and we have a clear vision of what those things will do for us, but sometimes we don’t know how to accomplish those things. The easiest thing to do is to just start. You can change your path once you start walking, but if you never start walking, you’ll just stay where you are now.