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Please check your ego at the door, it’s likely to get trounced if you don’t; no one cares how much you can lift, we only care how well you can lift it.

Please introduce yourself to all newcomers, as they may need to revive your unconscious body later & “hey dude, wake up” is so impersonal.

We are coaches, not your personal trainer. Don’t expect us to get your weights or put them away, count your reps, hold your hand, get you a tissue or call your momma.

Please execute full & proper range of motion on all movements. Cheating reps will not be tolerated.

Please do not be an asshole. Listen to your coach; we are here to make you a better athlete.

While we appreciate your enthusiasm & willingness to lend a hand to fellow members where needed, please leave the coaching to the coaches.

Please clean your equipment after every use; your DNA is not as desirable as you might think.

You can scream, cuss, cry, bleed, puke or even pass out… just don’t quit. The human body is capable of more than you can possibly comprehend; challenge it accordingly.

Please use chalk sparingly… and keep it in its rightful place, the bucket. Unless of course you’re okay with us coming to your home and “Lebron’ing” in your living room.