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So there you are, scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, right before bed, again.  You know something has to change, but where do you even start? There are just so many options.  

Maybe you’ll just click on the “more info” button for CrossFit Icehouse on Facebook, or scroll through their feed on Instagram; see how many friends you have in common, or maybe even drive by…  I’ve done it, you’ve done it, we’ve all done it; let’s talk about it. What’s stopping you from taking that first step?


Gym-timdation is the state of fear and unknown associated with starting down your road to fitness.  It is resistance to changing your current health and fitness path, even when you know that you need to make a change.  It’s the gremlins in your ears telling you lies about your life and about yourself.

Now that we’ve given it a name, let’s talk about what it sounds like.

“I’m too out of shape”

You believe that you can be in better shape.  However, before you take actual steps to do that, at a facility with coaches who will join you on the journey to find your fitness, your gremlins tell you that need to be in better shape.  They tell you that you need to be “better”, to even walk through the door.

“I am too old”

One day you wake up and decide that you’re too old to learn new things, you’re too old to play and be silly, and you’re too old to have fun.  Those gremlins tell you that you are an adult and need to conduct yourself as such.

“Everyone will look at me”

It’s easy for a gremlin to pounce on this idea that you are the one person in the room that has absolutely no idea what’s going on, especially when you’re learning new skill.

“I’m already injured.  I am recovering from being injured.  I don’t want to get injured”

Nobody wants to be or get injured; not me, and not you, right?  Life doesn’t alway adhere to our wishes, so the questions you have to ask yourself are:

“How did I get injured?

“Do I know how to rehab my injury?”

“Do I know how to prevent the injury from happening again?”

“I’m too busy”

You have a ton of commitments to others and you fill a lot of roles.  You just don’t have time to research the right gym, much less take the steps to join the gym, and actually attend classes?  In the words of Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”, right?

“I’ve never been an ‘athlete’”

You have this picture in your head of what an “athlete” is supposed to look like and what an “athlete” is able to do, and those are things way outside your wheelhouse, right?  You may even believe that if you were not an athlete in high school, you missed your window to ever be one.

The Turn

Now, let’s imagine that you take those first steps, you talk to your friends, you click on a button and you schedule and attend an introductory meeting at Icehouse.  At that meeting you find a program for you and sign up. Finally, you show up, and keep showing up consistently.

You feel comfortable in your own body.  You walk through grocery store aisles with a confidence, you need to grab something off the bottom or the top shelf?  No problem. You need to do some spring or fall yard work? No problem. You need to pose for a family picture around the holidays?  No problem. You need to shop a new pair of jeans? No problem. Where does this new sense of confidence stem from?


Gym Empowerment is the state of self-confidence and strength associated with finding and walking down your road to fitness.  It is the positive momentum that builds every time a gremlin is exposed and conquered.

Now that we’ve given it a name, let’s talk about what it sounds like at Icehouse.

“I am enough”

You are already enough, whoever and wherever you are.  There is a significant difference between your nutrition, fitness and lifestyle behaviors and who you are as a person.  We provide tools to help change your behaviors, and we teach you new skills all while celebrating who you are as a person.  There is no such thing as, “too out of shape” or “too old”. You are already enough.

“Someone cares”

When you walk through the doors at Icehouse expect to hear your first name or be asked your first name.  Why? Because we care. We care as coaches and as athletes. We care because you’re willing to spend time with us, and I already covered the fact that you are enough, so you bring something unique and valuable to Icehouse.  We care if you move well because it’s important for injury rehab and prevention. We care if you are injured because we can modify movements to keep you training, rehab that injury and prevent that injury from happening again.

“This is an hour for me”

Regardless of the program, you’ll spend an hour, three to four days a week, with your friends, playing, learning new skills, building strength and moving your body like you did when you were a kid.  You’ll feel the energy of doing challenging things as a class, and leave with more energy than you walked in with. It’s a time to leave all your roles and responsibilities at the front door and it’s the best hour of your day.

“I am a damn strong human”     

It’s never too late to be what you’ve always wanted.  If you have a body, you are an athlete and have the ability to develop into a damn strong human.  Strong people are harder to kill; they’re useful to their communities; they inspire the people closest to them.  The physical and emotional strength that you develop at Icehouse is second to none. There is nothing like having confidence that you can move your own body in the world, and in that world you have teammates that love and support you.

The Horizon

Being intimidated by joining a gym is absolutely 100% real, but the sense of empowerment you find inside the gym is absolutely 100% real as well.