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As the year marches on, it’s always a great time for a fresh start! Why not kick it off with a free class with us?

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What is Flux?

FLUX combines three proven fitness disciplines-yoga, strength training, and conditioning in the most unexpected and refreshing way. We focus on gaining lean muscle and burning body fat.  Our group class begins with a yoga inspired warmup,  a 5-15 min work out, and it ends with a yoga flow to cool down and re-center before returning to your day. (50 Min Class)

You will use equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, pull-up bars, medicine balls and plenty of body weight movements utilizing and the best piece of machinery available…you!

What to Expect

In order to ensure that your first FLUX experience is awesome and to put your mind at ease, this is what you can expect.

  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to your class time and let the front desk know this is your first FLUX experience. We will take it from there!
  • Each class will start with a group introduction where one of our certified coaches will take you through a warm-up and in depth overview of the workout
  • Never heard of a thruster or torpedo swing?  Don’t worry, our coaches will demonstrate all of the movements for the day as well as scaling options for all skill levels, we’ll keep you moving safe!
  • Next we combine yoga and dynamic movements to prepare you for the upcoming workout
  • This is the fun part…. We turn the music up and the work begins!
  • Each class ends with high fives and a yoga cool down.  This will leave you feeling re-energized to walk back into life with a feeling of confidence and accomplishment

Meet the Coaches

Emily Monson

Emily Monson

Flux Coach
Courtney Shoemaker

Courtney Shoemaker

Owner and Coach
Anna Fink

Anna Fink

Flux and Nutrition Coach