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We all know that small things done consistently make the biggest difference.  This is true in life and inside the gym walls.  Not many people can walk into anything and be an instant rock star.  It takes dedication, it takes…consistency.  Some people hear this word and they cringe. It feels forced. It feels like they “have” to do something.  We’re looking at the big picture of our fitness lifestyle and consistency is our guide, but not the end all be all.

Consistency is looking at those goals every day and wanting to achieve them.  Consistency is only having one week left of a nutrition challenge and finishing it all the way through.  Can you set goals and see them through with small, steady, consistent steps?  Or do you get “close enough” and wonder why you’re not seeing results?

Consistency is not a small scale thing.  The reality is someday you’re going to have every intention of making it to the gym, or packing your lunch, and you won’t.  Your kids may get sick, you may get sick, traffic will be awful, the tupperware is all in the dishwasher or you’ll show up to the gym and your shorts will still be at home.  These things happen. They don’t make you a horrible person, a slacker, or any of the likes.  When these things happen, you take an unplanned rest day, find the healthiest thing you can to eat, and regroup. Then get ready to jump right back in and hit it hard the next day.  That’s consistency!  It’s about getting back to your routine after life happens.  It’s about seeing that goal sitting out there and finding a way to achieve it.

Be Awesome

Coach Sara