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Coach Omaha “Top 4 Mobility”

Coach Omaha “Top 4 Mobility”

These are my top 4 mobility movements to loosen up my hips. I use this series after I workout almost 3 times a week to keep things bendy.

High Dragon:

Keep an up right torso and drive weight into the front foot while the back leg stays long.  A stretch should be felt in the back leg quad as well as the front leg inner groin.

Twisted Lizard:

Start in the high lizard position. Twist body towards front leg and grab opposite leg foot. Stretch will be felt in the front leg groin and back leg quad


Set up with a tall torso with legs bent at the knee behind.  Slowly overtime lean back so body drops either between the feet or on top of the feet.  Stretch will be felt throughout the quad as well as the lower back which will now be in a overextended position.


Start on all fours hands and knees.  Reach leg behind out to a full stretched out position and then bring the leg up, under and across the body so the stomach is resting on the foot.  Stretch will be felt in the under legs outside hip.

Check out the link for a full video of me getting all sorts of Stretchy!

Let’s Talk About Time

Let’s Talk About Time

Time is the only real thing that you have control over.  Let’s get real for a moment…I hate the word busy.  If that word were wiped off the face of the planet I would be really happy! It’s one of the most overused words, and it will also make me look at you funny.  Time is the one even playing field, we all have the same amount.  It’s really up to you what you do with it. Each decision is a choice and I’m going to share the one thing that drastically changed the direction of CrossFit Icehouse, Time Blocking.  Yep that simple trick changed everything, drastically.

Time blocking gives you back control of your time, so instead of reacting to everything, you can be proactive.  For most of us from the moment we wake up we are reacting to our day. We have a to-do list that we’ll get to as soon as we put out this or that fire, we forget to eat because we’re running around all day and then by the time the end of the day comes there’s nothing left to give.  What if you decided what you were going to do and when.

Each Sunday I sit down with my calendar and my to do list.  I go through and I make my list of my non negotiables, classes I coach, my workouts, team meeting and family time.  Those get put in first.  Then anything with a deadline goes next and that’s where I stop.  I do this same thing on Tuesday and Thursday to make sure there’s nothing missed or see if anything came up in the week that needs to fit in.  This has allowed me to be productive, not busy.  If there’s something I want to do I can see my whole schedule and make time for it.

I challenge you all to give this a try both at home and at work.  Can you block off time for the things with deadlines, schedule times of day you check e-mail or focused work time.  This has been one of the most positive parts of my weekly routine and it’s become a challenge to be more productive in less time.  That leaves more time for things I really enjoy doing.