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Coach Skeds “Top 4” Mobility Movements

Coach Skeds “Top 4” Mobility Movements

I’ve compiled a list of my Top 4 mobility movements that I do weekly.  I have been working for months to develop a deeper squat.  After spending almost 20 years in the military walking around in nothing but combat boots I have developed some pretty tight ankles.  I also like to spend some quality time making sure my hips and glutes are flexible enough for squatting.  Check out my favorite mobility movements below.

Low Dragon

In addition to super tight quads, I have super tight ankles from spending almost 20 years in boots with an elevated heel.  This stretch focuses more on my achilles tendon of my front leg and to a lesser extent my trail leg hip flexor and quad.


Lizard is a nice overall hip opener and complements the Low Dragon position.  

Bottom of the Squat

In order to loosen up my ankles and hips I’ll hang out in the bottom of a squat with a weighted counterbalance, in this case, a kettlebell.  I’ll hold this position for as long as it feels comfortable, continuing to work toward my goal of 10 minutes.


Couch is a deeper quad and hip flexor stretch than High Dragon, again, to undo the damage of sitting in a chair.  I try to settle into this for 2 minutes on each leg most days after my training sessions.

Take a look at the video as I take you through my Top 4 Mobility Movements

Coach Omaha “Top 4 Mobility”

Coach Omaha “Top 4 Mobility”

These are my top 4 mobility movements to loosen up my hips. I use this series after I workout almost 3 times a week to keep things bendy.

High Dragon:

Keep an up right torso and drive weight into the front foot while the back leg stays long.  A stretch should be felt in the back leg quad as well as the front leg inner groin.

Twisted Lizard:

Start in the high lizard position. Twist body towards front leg and grab opposite leg foot. Stretch will be felt in the front leg groin and back leg quad


Set up with a tall torso with legs bent at the knee behind.  Slowly overtime lean back so body drops either between the feet or on top of the feet.  Stretch will be felt throughout the quad as well as the lower back which will now be in a overextended position.


Start on all fours hands and knees.  Reach leg behind out to a full stretched out position and then bring the leg up, under and across the body so the stomach is resting on the foot.  Stretch will be felt in the under legs outside hip.

Check out the link for a full video of me getting all sorts of Stretchy!