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Recovery Is Not Just For the Pros

Recovery Is Not Just For the Pros

This last lifting cycle has been intense hasn’t it? You’ve been crushing PR’s and making sweat angles that make even a jacked unicorn jealous. Now it’s time to talk about giving your body some much needed love for all the awesomeness it did. It’s time to talk about recovery and what that means. The biggest factor in recovery is post workout nutrition. That’s what we are going to spend our time on today.  You’ve probably seen Coach Shoe and I sipping on some concoction in a shaker bottle right after workouts but what’s all the hype?

After a workout your glycogen (carbohydrate) stores are depleted and your muscles are broken down from crushing that last set of back squats. We need to replenish these as fast as we can for…those gainz! Your post workout nutrition plan should be as important as getting your first pull-up or handstand. So let’s break it down into 3 stages…

Stage 1: Immediately After the WOD (within 30 Minutes)protein

Protein will help rebuild all the muscle tissue you just destroyed hitting your snatch PR. Whole foods are ideal but it can be hard to eat chicken right after a workout. A post workout protein shake is equally as good and can absorb into your system faster than whole food. Whey protein is the easiest to digest and usually is the easiest on the belly. Protein shakes aren’t just for Bro’s, ladies you need them too.

Carbohydrates are also a must. You used up your last bit of carbs during the AMRAP and must replace them to decrease muscle soreness and keep crushing your day. Use quick digesting carbs like fruit, fruit juice or potatoes. Bananas are a great choice as they pack a lot of great nutrients.

Fat is best left out at this time as it slows protein uptake and delays those gainz.

Hydration is huge at this time. We probably don’t drink enough water so get to sipping, coconut water is a great recovery drink as well.

Stage 2: 2-6 hours post WOD crushing

This is usually the time to get some whole foods in. You want a 2:1 carbohydrate protein ratio. Use simple clean foods for a nice post workout meal.

Stage 3: Beyond 6 hoursNow is the time we want to maintain blood sugar and eat a balanced meal with protein, carbs and fat. Choose good for you fats like nut butters, avocados, coconut oil.  If possible choose higher quality proteins, such as grass fed beef.  And of course you want healthy carbs vs empty heavily processed ones, such as sweet potatoes.

These are some very general recommendations to get you ready to crush a workout the next day. The most important of these being the 30 minutes directly after your workout. Protein and carbs are key to keeping your body healthy and ready to attack the next days WOD. With optimal recovery you can workout harder, which will lead to quicker results i.e. becoming a jacked unicorn.

Thanks for visiting the nerdry if you ever have any questions come ask Coach Shoe or myself!

Be Awesome
Coach Sara

Fish Oil

Fish Oil

What’s This Fish Oil Thing all About?

Ready to take your training to the next level? Whether that’s competitions or maybe adding one more day a week to the regimen, let’s talk about adding Fish Oil. For both athletes and non-athletes fish oil has so fish oilmany huge benefits. It contains docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic (EHA) which keep you brain and nervous system functioning like a well-oiled machine.

DHA & EHA also keep the bad fats from floating around in your circulatory system. In addition fish oil will help improve the health of your skin and eyes, increase your mood and concentration. Our bodies produce very little DHA and no EPA so it is imperative to get these fatty acids from an outside source.

For the CrossFit community fish oil has a greater benefit and that is it’s anti-inflammatory properties. Fish oil helps combat inflammation in the body which can accumulate causing arthritis, chronic pain and is linked to several auto immune issues. Pushing your body to new levels in the gym can add stress to the body. A good healthy diet will decrease this stress to a point but adding fish oil to your diet will drastically reduce the amount of stress on the body. This will allow you to recover faster and reduce the soreness you feel after workouts.

There are many different options when it comes to fish oil. For a good reference on how much and what type you should be taking look here http://whole9life.com/fish-oil-faq/

Not all fish oils are created equally and you need to be careful about which brand you chose. Many brands contain contaminates such as mercury and PCBs depending on where the fish were raised. Look for a product that has been through molecular distillation. Do your research before purchasing to make sure you get the highest quality products.

We will be doing a pre-order for some fish oil in August from our favorite brands, to help you keep on the gain train. We’ll have some for samples coming soon. This will allow you try each product and decide for yourself. I have tried both and no fish burps I promise. Start adding this to your training regimen and reduce soreness, greater recovery and who knows maybe better skin and hair.

Lift Heavy Be Awesome
Coach Mo

*Image credit to prevention.com
I Love Lattes Too

I Love Lattes Too


“I’d like a vente non fat caramel mocha frappuccino with whip please.” It happens every day at coffee shops all across America, the foo foo coffee drinker. I use to be somewhat of one myself. I hated the taste of coffee but loved all the wonderful things it did to me. It made me awake and overall a better person. It was also adding anywhere from 400-700 mystery calories a day to my diet.

Before CrossFit graced the stages of my life I had a personal trainer who was my best friend and the most real person in my life. I would say “my diet is great but I can’t see abs”. I was on a body building regimen where vanity was everything. One day we were out and I was crashing from the previous morning’s ass kicking, so I went to the coffee shop and did what I always do. You would think I stole his first born. “That’s your six pack, that’s the reason your body fat is healthy but not athletic”. Like I said he kept it real so let’s all keep it real.

You can have the diet of a Greek God, eat trucks full of broccoli and a farm of chicken but you’re wasting a lot of time if you’re drinking your calories. This is the thing I never really thought about outside of trying to avoid delicious delicious beer. How could my coffee, chai tea lattes or bourbons with maple sugar be keeping me “healthy but not athletic”? Sadly he was right, it wasn’t until that day that I took a long hard look at Everything I was consuming during the day, week and even month. I’m not saying give up coffee, that’s just insane, but I am saying give up foo foo coffee. It’s crap anyway, it’s some chemical manifestation of coffee.

Eating healthy and being healthy is really about keeping things simple. It’s time for blackish coffee. Try it with coconut oil, cinnamon or a splash of almond milk, it might change your fears of black coffee. As for the other most amazing beverages in life, take a look at where you might be able to cut back a little. I know we’re tip toeing on patio season but maybe sub the margarita for a gin and tonic. And no I’m not telling you to give up beer, just keep in mind what your goals are and act accordingly. As you know small changes make the big difference, especially when it comes to your health and fitness.


Coach Mo

Be a (Wo)Man with a Plan!

Be a (Wo)Man with a Plan!

As we get deeper into the nutrition challenge, planning becomes even more important to be successful.  There are a lot of outside factors working against us on our quest to be healthy, not just for these 30 days but on an ongoing basis.  Here are a few things you can do to up your planning and nutrition game this winter.

Plan your menu one week out, and create a shopping list

Taking the time to sit down and pencil out what you plan to eat all week (breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks) is absolutely critical in keeping your house stocked with the right food.  As easy as it might be to say I’m going to make chicken and sweet potatoes this week for all the meals, by the time you get 2 days in it’s going to be hard to talk yourself into day 3 of the same old same for every single meal.  You are also likely leaving something on the table nutrition wise if you lack variety. Maybe you have the same lunch plan, but a try to vary dinners to keep it exciting and get lots of nutrients.  Eitherway set a plan that looks appetizing to you, and create your list.  You can most certainly make big portions of certain foods (think chili and pasta sauce) and freeze them for a week or 2 down the road to keep up the variety without increasing prep time.

Pick a time for your weekly grocery store trips & STICK TO THE LIST

If you’ve done your menu planning and list creating, this should be a fairly quick painless experience.  If you can avoid showing up to the store while hungry I would recommend it.  We’ve all attempted to stick to a list while hangry in a grocery store that’s crowded….that usually ends with half a bag of goldfish gone before you get through the checkout line…or is that just me? Eitherway, pick a time (preferably shortly after a meal) to shop, and stick to your list!

Meal Prep Days – Pick them and stick to them

If you are a 9-5er than Sundays work great for this! I tend to plan my list Friday evenings, shop Saturdays, and then spend my Sunday afternoon meal prepping so I am ready to go for the week.  Find a way to portion those meals out for the week as you go as well.  Ideally when you are done with your meal prep you have lots of meals already portioned out in Tupperware you can quickly grab on your way out the door to get you through the week.  This is very important for lunch and snacks, and if you have the Tupperware to put the right portions for all the meals I would encourage you to do so for breakfast & dinner as well.

Eating out

While eating at home is the easiest way to know you are eating a completely clean/paleo meal we understand that isn’t always realistic.  If you know you will be going out to eat in the coming week, plan accordingly.  Just about every restaurant nowadays has an online menu.  Look at that menu, and have a game plan of what you plan to order before you get there.  If you have a say in where you go, throw out an option you know has some paleo or healthy options.  If not aim for the meats that are grilled vs fried, fresh foods/veggies vs mashed potatoes or foods that could hide lots of the fake (albeit tasty) stuff.  You may have to ask for no cheese or dressing on the side, but most places will accept those requests.

Basically if you wanna win that prize money, you gotta be a woman (or man) with a plan, and keep crushin it in the kitchen!

-Coach Courtney

Eat Everything!

Eat Everything!

Photo Credit to Whole 30 Recipes

Photo Credit to Whole 30 Recipes

Importance of Eating Enough

So you’ve done, you’ve either jumped right in and joined our Paleo challenge or you are making an effort to clean things up without fully diving in.  Either way there have been some life changes and you’re feeling pretty good about it.  We want to help you be as successful as possible and work through some of the pit falls before they affect your overall results.

Make Sure you are Eating Enough
One of the biggest reasons people don’t see results when they start eating in a healthy way is because they are no longer eating enough.  It’s really easy to come up with 1000 calories when you’re grabbing a big mac, fries and a 32 oz soda.  It’s a whole different ball game to get those calories from eggs, kale and broccoli.  One of the easiest ways we have found to overcome this is load up at breakfast.

Eat Breakfast
Breakfast should be bigger than you are used to for sure, and how you ask do you do this and get out the door to work, plan ahead.  Make some egg cups in a muffin tin for grab and go, when you make dinner make extra for in the morning, blend up a smoothie with avocado for extra calories and good fats.  If you have time to makes some eggs, make as many as you can fit in one hand with some good quality bacon.  Also stop thinking breakfast has to be just eggs and oatmeal. The above picture is one of my favorites, it takes time to get use to but you can eat anything at breakfast…anything!

DO NOT skip meals!  
Again I repeat DO NOT SKIP MEALS!  After about the first 10 days this will be
borderline impossible as your body will be letting you know you’re starving (hanger is real).  Eat until you feel full.  This will vary over time as well but eat enough that you feel satisfied, not stuffed.  Each plate should have about ½ the plate in protein, just under half in green yummy veggies and the rest is reserved for good fats like oils, avocados, nuts and or seeds.

Vary Meals as Much as Possible
Lastly vary your meals as much as possible.  I for one love meat in a bowl with some veggies but I can’t eat that every day.  Try some of the meals we have posted, ask other people in the challenge their favorite so far or grab a new paleo cookbook and try things you’ve never had.  This is a time to try some new things.  Some may work, some may not but keep trying and don’t give up!  The long term health benefits will be well worth it!

Keep being Awesome
-Coach Sara