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1. What is the craziest thing that you have ever done in your life? This was a hard question for me.  The word crazy is so relative.  My Mom suggested that I tell you that I drive a motorcycle, and that I got 4 speeding tickets on it last riding season.

2. If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why? Traveling is something I’d love to do more of.  In my ideal world, I’d own a tiny house, like you see on HGTV, and pull it around the country.  Stopping for a couple months at a time in each state. So, I guess I’d just like to be a nomad, pulling my home behind me whenever I went.

3. If you were stranded on an island and could only have three things with you what would they be? A lighter to make fire. A water purification system, for obvious reasons.  And a knife to help me hunt my dinner.

4. Are you a Beleiber? I wouldn’t say yes, but I did ask my nieces to go with me to his concert this summer……

5. Tell us something we don’t know about you. I was MVP of the boys football team in middle school.

6. Favorite song to workout to? I’ve got a pretty eclectic taste in music, but for working out, I enjoy some good ‘angry’ music.  It has to be loud enough so I can’t hear my own Serena Williams-esk grunting and panting.

7. Favorite workout and/or movement? My arm strength is quite underwhelming and that’s something I’d really like to improve. So, my favorite day is push press day, or anything over head.

8. If you could have an accent, where would it be from? I’m pretty partial to my good ol’ Nort Duhkotah accent! I’d stick with this one!

9. Why CrossFit Icehouse? I had been bored with my workout routine, or lack there of, for a while.  A friend of mine posted on Facebook that she had just signed up for a CrossFit boot camp at a different gym. I wasn’t quite sure what CrossFit was at the time, so I spent some time on YouTube and thought it would be a challenge I’d like.  But, the day I was going to sign up for the boot camp, a Savecoin coupon for the Icehouse popped up. I was pleasantly surprised that it was only a few short blocks from my house.  I signed up for the intro and when I arrived I spotted Dug, the beautiful, energetic blue heeler.   I had a blue heeler growing up, so I took that as a sign from a universe that the Icehouse was the right place for me.  Plus, Sara and Courtney are pretty swell as well.

10. Words of wisdom for a new Icehouser, or for yourself on day 1 of CrossFit? Each workout is so adaptable to your level of fitness. There is no need to be intimidated.  The encouragement and support you receive here, at Icehouse, from the coaches and your peers is so uplifting. Even if you don’t finish fast, you finished. And that’s something pretty wonderful.