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Some Background

I’ve been lifting fairly heavy since my Junior year in high school as part of my full recovery from my first ACL surgery.  Some light math that’s roughly 22 years now.  Crazy to think.  I went from there to Division I athletics and lots of running and lifting.  A post college stop with a personal trainer and then I walked into my first CrossFit Gym almost 10 years ago.

The Long Game

I get asked a lot about “how do you do this for a long time”.  My not so long answer is “you just do”.  It’s not glamorous and my routine changes in a lot of ways.  It’s Really easy to get wrapped up in those first 2-3 years when everything is a PR.  Weights on the barbell and weights off your belly, makes it exciting but the truth is this is about the long game.  This is about staying off medication and playing into your 70’s and 80’s.  So although I LOVE competition and the thrill of it, that’s not my why.  

What’s Your Why?

When you are wondering why you show up, figure out what your why is…or was.  Do you need to constantly be competing or is it fun to tweak your own nutrition and watch your body change.  What about playing around with Olympic Lifting classes or focusing on your gymnastics.  For me the thrill of CrossFit is how many ways I can test myself.  If my lifting is up, where are my gymnastics at, if my gymnastics are on point where’s my conditioning?  So many options that, if you stop going through the motions, you’ll see so many areas to play with.  I challenge you to take a moment and write down your why, post it somewhere you see and keep grinding.