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As I’m sure you all have noticed, winter has officially rolled into Fargo.  It’s been snowing for a week straight, that nasty cold bug is now on it’s 2nd round through, and holiday parties have taken over your social calendar. With all of the craziness of the season, it is even more challenging to stay on track that usual.  So here are a few tips we use to keep ourselves consistent despite the crazy weather and calendar.

Plan Your Week and Stick to the Plan

It gets really easy to say I have happy hour so I am going to skip the gym today.  Skipping today can lead into skipping tomorrow, which can then lead into “I’ll start again on Monday.” More often than not we know what days those holiday parties or happy hours will fall on, so it is possible to plan around them.  If you know Thursday & Friday are busy, build those in as rest days and make the Team WOD on Saturday, or take advantage of all the snow and go cross country skiing!  Either way keep moving as much as possible, even when the weather is trying to tell you to sit by the fire inside.

Eat In/Meal Prep as much as possible

This is a very similar point to the one above, but probably even more important.  Not only do you have to combat the busy schedule, you are also tempted daily with Christmas cookies, hot chocolate, drinks, and all the deliciousness that is holiday treats.  We won’t tell you to just walk away every time since we are human and also enjoy a good peanut butter blossom too, but being prepared can help minimize these run-ins so they don’t last the entire span of December.  Still pick a time each week and do some meal prep so you have healthy meals & snacks on hand as much as possible.  If you are eating healthy and keeping yourself nourished, it can be easier to skip the cookies (still challenging, but much easier if you aren’t starving), or at least keep the cookie incidents to a minimum.  Heating up one of those pre-planned meals prior to a happy hour can also help you avoid the appetizers as well.

Add in some regular self care

It is important to give yourself some downtime as needed, especially when your social calendar is overflowing. I understand adding in a yoga class, or a book club might not be realistic in an already crammed schedule but finding some ways to get centered can be helpful.  If time is a challenge, a 5 minute meditation either first thing in the morning to help you wake up or right before bed can make a big difference.  You can search for guided meditation on Youtube if it helps to keep your mind from wandering.

If you have 10-15 minutes you can add in ROMWOD, not only is it a great way to wind down, it is also great for mobility and to keep you healthy and balanced from all of those workouts!


If you are over extended, it is ok to say No

One year I went home and had 6 Thanksgiving dinners to hit in one day.  Six.  In One Day.  I was a little younger then, and I live far away so thought I had to go to all of them.  Well I ended up basically doing drive bys for most of them, not being present, eating wayyyyyyy to much (clearly) and just ended the day exhausted and frazzled.  While I know this might be an exaggeration, if you have already committed to the amount of social outings you and/or your schedule can physically or emotionally handle, it is within your right to politely decline.  Think of it this way, if you try to cram in that 6th dinner, are you actually going to have a good time, or are you going to show up exhausted, stuffed and a drag?  Do what you need to do to stay sane 🙂

Get some sleep!

I know, easier said than done, but it is doable.  If you are an IPhone user, the most recent update allows you to set an alarm to tell you to go to sleep based on how much sleep you need and when you need to be up.  This has been a lifesaver for me to be rested up for those morning classes!  Alarm or no alarm, put the phones down!  Try reading a book (remember those) for a few minutes before bed each night so you aren’t staring at a screen right before trying to fall asleep.  Read a chapter, put the book down, then get some sleep.

I could easily turn this into a 25 things to do to survive the holidays, but just sticking to these 5 will go a long long way!  Good luck navigating those social calendars!

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