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Why I’m Doing the Open Again – Nancy (Shots) Stenger

Why I’m Doing the Open Again – Nancy (Shots) Stenger

Just do The Open. Seriously. Just go and sign up.

Ask questions later, but seriously just do The Open. I’m a competitive person by nature, so it really didn’t take much convincing for me to do The Open last year. It was an opportunity to work out and compare myself to others: two of my favorite things. I got more out of The Open than I ever imagined I would. The Games are an incredible thing. I know some of you are on the fence about doing Friday Night Lights or FNL, so that’s why I’m here. There are the obvious reasons to do The Open, like the joy of competing and hanging out with your friends, but I’m going to explain why I am doing The Open again. Just to forewarn you, I did pageants and was a sorority girl so it’s about to get all sorts of cheesy up in here!

New Friends! Yay!

Let’s be honest, making friends as an adult is difficult, and it’s weird, and it’s awkward (I basically just
described myself). The Open gives you the opportunity to meet new people within your own gym. Most people have their regular class times and they get close to those people. While that’s fantastic, some of my closest friends I hadn’t talked to prior to The Open last year. Our gym is filled with some pretty badass jacked unicorns just ready for you to become besties with!

You WILL Surprise Yourself

The Open is designed to find the well-rounded athlete, so I can almost guarantee you that there will be a week that you excel in something. Week 1 last year was a workout with chest to bar pull ups. I didn’t get a single one, but I did get about 20 regular pullups. I had never gotten a regular pullup before, but I never gave myself the opportunity to try them. The Open gives you that opportunity. Not going to lie, there will
be weeks that frustrate you. Week 3 last year I spent 7 minutes flailing around on the bar. It just wasn’t my week. But Week 5 was burpees and thrusters. I finished the workout about 10 minutes sooner than I anticipated. When I could finally breathe again it felt fantastic! Whether you PR or you simply do better than you anticipate, you will surprise yourself during The Open.     

Experience the CrossFit Community

While Icehouse is pretty much the bomb-diggidy, CrossFit is so much larger than our gym in Fargo, ND. Last year there were 324,307 registered participants from 175 countries. The Open is an event that unifies people. People of different ages, cultures, colors, races, religions, genders, ect, come together and do the same workout every week, and with different divisions within The Open, CrossFit is adaptive to include all skill levels. It’s such a humbling experience to be part of such an inclusive community.  

Whether it’s to experience the thrill of competition again or to hang out with your friends on a Friday night, find your reason to do Friday Night Lights. Doesn’t matter what that reason is, just find one and do it. You will thank yourself that you did. I will see you at Friday Night Lights!

Get registered today!  Here is the link: FNL REGISTRATION

Friday Night Lights!

Friday Night Lights!

We are mixing things up for The CrossFit Open this year starting with the name: Friday Night Lights (FNL).  Below is everything you need to know about this epic event…

Who: Anyone and everyone from CrossFit Icehouse and your peeps to cheer you on

What: Friday Night Lights is what we are calling The CrossFit Open

When: Every Friday Night from Feb 24th – March 24th. Doors Open at 4:30PM, Heat 1 Kicks off at 5PM sharp.

Where: Week 1 will be held at the current Icehouse. Weeks 2-5 we’ll be breaking in the new space.

How Much: Registration is $50 for the five weeks

What’s Included in Registration:

  • All 5 weeks of workouts
  • Sweet personalized t-shirt
  • Certified Judges for each of your workouts
  • Awesome action shots for quality profile pictures
  • Food and beverages EVERY Friday Night
  • Community support and an epic workout environment
  • Entry into the most Epic Icehouse Party to date following week 5’s event

The Plan: We would love for all of you to take advantage of FNL and come showcase all of you hard work. Once you register you will be placed on a team for fun intramural style competition. Each team will have a Spirit Captain to help them through the 5 weeks. We will have an overall gym leader board for the workouts and also and overall team leader board for the most dedicated team.

During FNL you and your team will have a chance to earn points outside of the workouts in our weekly challenges (mobility, nutrition, etc). Each week will also have a theme where you can earn points by showcasing your team spirit (we know ya’ll love a good theme!). So earning the best team award is not all about how you do during the workouts.


How do I sign up? Registration is already live on ZenPlanner: REGISTER HERE

What if I have to miss a Friday? You can make it up during Open Gym, however you will be responsible for lining up your own judge. For your scores to count in FNL you will have to make it up by Sunday at 5:30PM. If you are traveling you can submit your score if do the workout at another box.

How do I become a Judge/volunteer? Please reach out to one of the coaches and let them BEFORE you register for FNL. If you want to become a judge we will need you to take the online judges course, we will post the link to the Facebook Group as soon as the updated course is live.

Does the price include CrossFit.com registration? No it does not. If you want to compare you scores throughout the world you will need to register through CrossFit.com.

What if I want to do the Open not FNL? You will have to register and find your own judge for each of the five weeks. You will not be permitted to do the workouts on Friday nights with everyone else as those spots are reserved for those registered for FNL.

We can’t wait for FNL to kick off.  It truly is our favorite time of year.

Icehouse Coaches

The Open is Coming!

The Open is Coming!

You’ve heard us talk about it, maybe even explain it a time or two but you might not have any idea why it is relevant to you. It’s the CrossFit Open and it starts on February 23rd. I have done the Open for 6 of my 7 years doing CrossFit and to be honest, I regret that I didn’t take the leap my first year. The Open is a time when the Icehouse community really has a chance to come together and have a great time. This year we are doing everything we can to make this an epic experience. Below I’ve compiled what I think are the top 5 reasons you should do the Open…

1. You, yes you, are good enough

The Open has two levels to compete in just like the white board has Rx and scaled. Just because you can’t squat your body weight or do 20 unbroken pull-ups does not mean you shouldn’t do the Open. There’s a really good chance you are actually stronger than your mind leads you to believe. The Open is a time where so many people get unexpected PR’s. It’s a chance for you to test all the hard work you’ve been putting in.  With the addition of Friday Night Lights this year everyone will be able to participate in every workout, no matter your skill level.

2. It has been too long since you have competed

I know not everyone is a die-hard competitor but I believe everyone has a hint of competitor in them somewhere. Have you ever raced a sibling to the car for the front seat? Maybe it was acing all of your spelling tests to enter the spelling bee or maybe you’ve pre-made your snowballs for the epic snowball fight. Either way, we use to compete as kids all the time and it’s time to bring that back. Good ol’ physical competition is fun and healthy. You might not win your heat or even want to try but I bet you’ll surprise yourself with the rush of adrenaline you get when that clock ticks down and you hear 3, 2, 1 Go!

3. It gives you perspective on what being the best really means

There aren’t many other sports in the world that everyone on the planet has the opportunity to do the exact same workout as the best of the best in that sport. That’s what so unique about the Open, you get the chance to do the same workout, on the same weekend, as the best athletes in the sport. Each
Thursday night the workout is announced and you can watch some of the top athletes compete against each other doing the workout you’re about to do. How awesome is that? You can compare your score to Matt Fraser and Katrin Davidsdottir, the winners of last year’s CrossFit Games. It will give you a solid respect for just how strong these athletes are.

4. You’ll learn your strengths and weaknesses

The Open tests the basic skills of all CrossFit athletes with and occasional surprise mixed in. Which makes the Open the most exciting and humbling of experiences. The great news is even if you have an off week or all of your weaknesses are programmed at once (see Thrusters and Rowing) the next week odds are you’ll crush it. So don’t stress out too much about one workout, it’s meant to be hard, challenges make you stronger!

5. Friday Night Lights is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced

This year we are kicking off the Open Friday Night Lights style. We are bringing the Icehouse Community together in a whole new way. Not only will you have the fun of the actual Open workout, you will have so many other opportunities to get involved throughout the five weeks (see theme week participation). We have something fun and exciting planned for each of the 5 Friday’s to make this the most epic Open season we’ve had. We want you to bring friends, family or even a random stranger to come and cheer for you, and your peeps, while you crush each workout. The level of community support during these 5 weeks is unmatched during any regular class experience.

I hope this gives you some perspective on what the CrossFit Open is all about. We look forward to spending our Friday Nights with you and watching you crush your expectations.  Oh and did I mention we’re capping of this years Open Season with a huge members only party?  You know Coach Shoe throws a good party and you wont want to miss this one!

We’ll be posting a follow up later this week with more specifics on Friday Night Lights at Icehouse so you know what to do next!

Be Awesome
Coach Mo

We are Moving!  Update #1

We are Moving! Update #1

As you as you all now know, we are moving!  And soon!  While we love our little corner of downtown we grew up in, it’s time to upgrade to a space that we can fit into…especially on Monday nights and Saturdays!

Where are you moving too?  

Our new address will be 1620 1st Ave N, which is just a few blocks west of university on 1st Ave N. What else does this mean? NO MORE GETTING STUCK BEHIND TRAINS!

When are you moving?

Our lease in our current space is done at the end of February, so we will be fully transitioned by March 1st.  We are still working on the exact dates we’ll start up at the new space and will keep you posted.  Our last day at the gym we’ll be having a moving WOD for those of you who would be so kind to help us shuffle our equipment to the new space!

What does the new space look like?


The new space is currently Ice Blue as you can see in the attached photo.  While we like the Ice Blue Icehouse color, our new landlord likes more of a classic look, so it will be being restored back to it’s original brick/brick color.  So it won’t blend in with the sky quite so much when they are done with it 🙂

Inside the new space will have the following: :

  • 1,800 sq ft Bootcamp/Yoga/Fargomania Floor
  • 2,400 st ft CrossFit Floor
  • 1,000 sq ft Athlete Lounge/Locker Room
  • Front Desk/Retail station so we don’t have to scale cubbies to grab tshirts anymore!
  • Men’s and women’s restrooms with multiple stalls
  • 3 changing rooms
  • 2 showers
  • 2 meeting rooms upstairs for InBody Scans & Goals Meetings

We will continue to post regular updates as soon as we get them!  Demo is just about done and the fit up is just beginning.  Got questions?  Let us know!  We are trying to build the best possible Icehouse for all of you fine Icehousers 🙂 As always thanks for being awesome!

Coach Shoe