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Fish Oil

Fish Oil

What’s This Fish Oil Thing all About?

Ready to take your training to the next level? Whether that’s competitions or maybe adding one more day a week to the regimen, let’s talk about adding Fish Oil. For both athletes and non-athletes fish oil has so fish oilmany huge benefits. It contains docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic (EHA) which keep you brain and nervous system functioning like a well-oiled machine.

DHA & EHA also keep the bad fats from floating around in your circulatory system. In addition fish oil will help improve the health of your skin and eyes, increase your mood and concentration. Our bodies produce very little DHA and no EPA so it is imperative to get these fatty acids from an outside source.

For the CrossFit community fish oil has a greater benefit and that is it’s anti-inflammatory properties. Fish oil helps combat inflammation in the body which can accumulate causing arthritis, chronic pain and is linked to several auto immune issues. Pushing your body to new levels in the gym can add stress to the body. A good healthy diet will decrease this stress to a point but adding fish oil to your diet will drastically reduce the amount of stress on the body. This will allow you to recover faster and reduce the soreness you feel after workouts.

There are many different options when it comes to fish oil. For a good reference on how much and what type you should be taking look here http://whole9life.com/fish-oil-faq/

Not all fish oils are created equally and you need to be careful about which brand you chose. Many brands contain contaminates such as mercury and PCBs depending on where the fish were raised. Look for a product that has been through molecular distillation. Do your research before purchasing to make sure you get the highest quality products.

We will be doing a pre-order for some fish oil in August from our favorite brands, to help you keep on the gain train. We’ll have some for samples coming soon. This will allow you try each product and decide for yourself. I have tried both and no fish burps I promise. Start adding this to your training regimen and reduce soreness, greater recovery and who knows maybe better skin and hair.

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Coach Mo

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Coach Why Am I Sore?

Coach Why Am I Sore?

For a lot of you at the gym this last two weeks has felt like your first 2 weeks of CrossFit, except you’re probably just more familiar with that sore feeling. Believe it or not in this constantly varied, functional fitness world, there is a method behind the madness. At Icehouse we do training cycles, to keep making you better athletes. Each cycle is roughly 12 weeks long with our training pinnacle being the CrossFit Open (even if you’re not a games athlete, it’s a lot of fun).

So back to why you are feeling a little bit sore lately, this might seem like words from the nerdery but stay with me. Last training cycle we stayed in the heavier weight ranges, slowed things down, shortened the reps and worked on building strength. Now we’ve switched gears and this cycle is all about gaining muscle mass, endurance, while continuing to gain strength, and it’s called hypertrophy.


Image Credit to iluvesports.com

Hypertrophy involves enlarging a muscle by overloading it from a strength standpoint. We have added reps while keeping the weight in the 60-80% of our 1 RM. This make our muscles grow to the size of Arnold Schwarzeneggers (just kidding…kind of). This type of volume, weight combination has several advantages to it, one being muscular endurance. Not like the marathon running endurance but the “hold on to the bar for 5 more squats in a metcon” type of endurance. After a few weeks of this style of training you’ll be able to push a little bit harder during the mid range workouts (i.e 20 Push Press, 20 Box Jumps, 20 Front Squat). As you’re learning this does not mean they get easier, it  means your time should get a little faster.

This style of training also gives you yet another opportunity, to perfect your form. As always it’s Form, Function and then Intensity. Staying in these lower weight ranges allows you to feel the movement and how you are moving. You can work the little things like weight in your heals, chest tall or getting your head through the window, while still getting stronger.

IMG_3749In the fitness world any type of variation in your training will leave those muscles feeling sore. In this case we have increased your volume of training pretty significantly. Things will start to adapt over the next week or so and your body will adjust to this new volume and every step wont remind you that you’re a CrossFit athlete.

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