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11391509_10152835392872443_4352710845455206416_nThis is written on the first night of the biggest competition in Fargo (which my counterpart is kicking some serious booty in). I see people from all over the map coming to Fargo ND to show their competitive side. It’s exciting, it’s fun to watch people lay it all out there for the sake of competition. Some have trained for months, even two to three times a day. Others this might be their first competition so they’re in it for the experience, to see where their training has taken them. It’s what makes CrossFit so great, if you choose you can test your fitness against those in your area, region or the world.

On the flip side of this I saw a post that rings true with what we believe in at CrossFit Icehouse, it was was a post by our good friends at CrossFit Allectus. Their post read “express your fitness” with a picture of some pretty serious wake boarding skills. It showed me that yes we work hard in the gym but it’s summer, so they tell me, and we should look for ways to express all this hard work we do. By now you might know that Courtney jumps out of airplanes as a form of relaxation and I myself prefer a 70-100 mile bike ride to bring me back to center. There are many reasons we as a community do this crazy thing called CrossFit. Whether it’s to keep up with kids in the back yard, climb routes in the black hills, jump out of air planes or with the goal of competing at the regional level. The choice is yours but whatever you chose, show it off. You work hard everyday, express your fitness to those around you, it’s contagious!

Do you use the B word?

Do you use the B word?

I can’t come to they gym I’m too Busy. The boss is here take this and look Busy. I have so much going on I’m just so Busy all the time.

This word is becoming like nails on the chalkboard to me. If it were important you would make time for it, that’s really all there is to it. Now don’t get me wrong you can’t make time for everything, I mean that’s what got you into this busy cycle in the first place. It seems in this hustle to do everything world we have forgotten how to politely say No (this could be a whole post on it’s own) so we have subbed “I”m sorry I’m just too busy.” If you are one of the busy people I challenge you to take a hard look at how much you’re really getting done being so busy. How many hours a day are you watching cat videos or reading all the mindless memes on Facebook. Is there time to binge watch the latest season on Netflix but no time to go to dinner with an old friend who may need to talk? Are you too busy to make time for yourself? When is the last time you checked in with yourself whether it be a quite room, a moment spent with a barbell or, if you’re one of those people, a long run.

Take this week and see if there is a way to be less busy and make time for the important things in life. Make time for you, your health and your sanity. Everyone around you will thank you for it.

You do not need to get into shape before you join CrossFit…Seriously.

You do not need to get into shape before you join CrossFit…Seriously.

“Once I get in a little better shape, I’ll come checkout CrossFit.” I hear this at least once a day. Of all the myths out there about CrossFit, in my mind, this one is the farthest from the truth.

While I think it is awesome for our sport that the CrossFit Games air on ESPN2, and that it has a ton of name recognition, I think it also hurts us at the same time. I know the first time I saw anything about it I was intimidatd and I had just finished running a marathon! Even being in decent shape it was just not something I thought I would be able to handle, or even like.  Plus does anyone in real life look like the people in the CrossFit Games?

Years into it, I have found one important thing to be true. CrossFit is infinitely scalable. Whether you just ran 10 miles yesterday, or haven’t worked out in 10 years you can show up and get a great workout.

• Can those two participate be in the same class and both be challenged? Definitely.
• Will those people’s workouts look the same? Absolutely not, nor should they.
• Do we expect everyone to understand how to read a workout then scale it to their level on their own on day 1, week      1, month 1? Of course not. That is why we are here.

You don’t need to get in shape so that you can then get in shape. I know on paper it is a little easier to see the redundancy in that than it is to feel that way. A big part of what we do is work with people of ALL LEVELs to get you healthier and stronger to be able to face whatever it is that life might throw at you. Anytime someone who has had that mentality has joined, the next thing I hear is “I don’t know why I waited so long.”

Last week I had a great conversation with a new member. She’s a founding member, shares all the things on Facebook, she comes to all the events and just an awesomely supportive lady all around. She was holding off on actually coming to classes because she was worried about being judged. She knew she couldn’t do all of the movements and didn’t feel she was “In shape enough to CrossFit.” Admittedly I’ve walked into a few gyms, even after years of CrossFitting, and felt out of place or not at a high enough level. We work very hard to make sure that is not the culture we have in our gym. We know working out is hard, you shouldn’t have to be made to feel like a lesser person while you’re doing it!

Our On-Ramp program is designed to help transition all varieties of people into our regular classes, and take the edge off a bit. We walk through types of WODs (Workout Of the Day), Olympic Lifts and how to safely scale them, the gymnastics movements you’ll see, “What’s a Wallball Shot?” to name a few. After two weeks of learning the basics, regular class doesn’t seem so scary. After a month of regular class, you’ll wonder why you’re only a month in.
Change is scary, and we get that. We felt the same way once upon a time. We do all of the legwork for you so all you need to do is show up. Everyone’s journey looks different. We all have to start somewhere. The most important thing is that you start.