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Can’t really put into words the awesomeness of this place! Icehouse makes working out fun, challenging, and rewarding! These coaches have the knowledge, patience, love, and passion for what they do and the community that they’ve built is incomparable. Great clean new facility, great environment, great coaches, great members…everything is awesome!

Lindsay K

Icehouse Athlete, Crossfit Addict, All Around Badass

The most inclusive and involved gym in the FM area. Everyone is welcome, and workouts are scaled to the ability of each individual person. Even in classes with 15 people, I get a lot of individual attention and support. The community is also outstanding. It’s like having a team of cheerleaders everytime I try to make a lift or finish a workout.

Warren C

Icehouse Athlete

This isn’t just a gym, it’s a community of people who are all supportive and accepting no matter your background or skill level. I’ve never been more motivated to come to a gym as I am here, and it’s not just because of the sense of community, it’s because they manage to take the hard sweaty work of working out and make it fun. Even when there are burpees.

Steve B

Icehouse Athlete

This place has renewed my love for working out! The coaches are knowledgeable, attentive, and FUN. The community is outstanding, I will be a member for life. I cannot say enough good things about this place!

Ali S

Founding Member, Lover of Barbells, Badass Crossfit Chick

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