Fargo Forward

I’m sure by now you’ve probably heard of the amazing changes we’ve been having with our Bootcamp Program!  For our next session beginning January 7th, we will be adding an extended offering called Fargo Forward which includes 12 weeks of:

We’ve been able to help people in our Community gain confidence in themselves, feel empowered through health and friendship, and learn the proven health habits & nutrition needed to live a full life they’re proud of!

Fargo Forward features include:

  • Entry into our 6 Week Bootcamp, followed by 2 Months of Membership at CrossFit Icehouse including 3 Workout sessions per week with one of our gyms that give you the personal trainer experience in a class setting
  • An In-Home Dietitian that performs a kitchen audit, shows you how to shop at the grocery store, helps you meal prep, and much more!
  • 2 Chiropractic adjustments per week at Optimal Chiropractic.  Our nervous system controls EVERY single function in our body! Integral parts of our nervous system are constantly sending information from our brain to important organs, glands, muscles, and tissues and then back to the brain. How successfully your nervous system controls this process will determine your level of health.
    At Optimal we do a NASA certified analysis of every single patient’s nervous system. The analysis gives us a detailed look at how every person’s health is at different stages and allows us to adjust everyone accordingly.
  • 1 massage per week individualized for your preference
  • Professional accountability & care that you can be proud of!

Reserve your Spot Today for $299!!  Our Bootcamps do sell out early, so reserve your spot today!

Balance of $1891 will be charged during our Kick-Off on Saturday January 7th! You save 30% on this all inclusive approach to building sustainably healthy habits! Here is the price breakdown:

This class will sell out! Register here: