Courtney Shoemaker – Owner and Coach

CrossFit L1 Certified
USAW Sports Performance Coach
CrossFit Gymnastics Certification
Yoga 200 hr RYT

I was born and raised in York, Pennsylvania and grew up playing competitive sports including soccer, volleyball, basketball (until I stopped growing), cheerleading (sitting on the bench…that’s a story to be shared over a beer or two) and any other sport I could talk a coach into letting me try. I moved to Ohio to pursue a career in supply chain and attended The Ohio State University. At 5’4, my chances at being a hitter on their volleyball team was pretty low so I turned my focus to school. During and after college, I picked up activities like running and weightlifting, but I always missed the competitive element of team sports and became bored of the same old workout routines. When I moved to Minneapolis, a girlfriend recommended CrossFit and after turning her down several times, I finally caved in and signed up for an intro class. I was hooked and signed up for membership that same day.

Five years later, I am excited to pursue my passion for CrossFit by opening up a gym of my own. I love that CrossFit is infinitely scalable and inclusive of all athletic levels. The CrossFit community is unlike anything I have experienced, and I am excited to build a strong community at Icehouse. And the best part? No bicep curls. No seriously.


Olympic lifting & strength training
Event/Shenanigan planning
Jumping out of planes


Sara Mozingo – Owner and Head Coach

CrossFit L1 Certified
CrossFit L2 Certified

I was born and raised in Carlock, Illinois (so small that it’s barely on the map) and I was the kid that would never come inside. I played five sports during high school (softball, basketball, volleyball, track, and soccer) and being nearly 6 feet tall by the time college came around, I realized that basketball was the way to go. I attended Bradley University, majoring in basketball but graduated with a degree in History.

After college, I had a short layover in St. Cloud, Minnesota to knock grad school off my to-do list. I pursued a Master’s degree in Exercise Science and Sports Management, and it was then I finally found my calling and something I was passionate about. After graduating, life took a sharp left turn towards corporate America where I traveled and worked out at a global gym (insert sad face.) In 2009, the CrossFit rays of light shined down and I took my first class, where I tackled the Filthy 50. Through this sport, I have met so many great people, lifted heavy things, and have had the opportunity to participate in some local competitions. I have been a CrossFit athlete for five years and a coach for two, and now a gym owner! Seeing people do things they never dreamed were possible when they walk through the door is what makes CrossFit so special. I am excited to build strong athletes and a strong community at CrossFit Icehouse.


Strength &programming
Endurance sports
Climbing rocks
Dancing like a white girl

Jake “Omaha” Haile – Coach

Crossfit L1 Certified
BA Psycology
Born and raised in Omaha, NE, moved to Fargo, ND in 2005 after graduating Westside Highschool.  Played both baseball and lacrosse at the highschool before continuing lacrosse at the division 2 level for Minesota State University Moorhead.  My main area of study at university was in psychology before discovering a passion for working with individuals with special needs.  It was my love for psychology and discovering how to effect the overall attitudes a person holds about themselves and others that lead me into the world of health and fitness.
Combining my passion for working with individuals with special needs and psychology lead me to developing a strength and conditioning program for this population.  I am currently the program director for a health and greatness program for  non-profit organization that supports individuals with special needs.  I found CrossFit through the development of “FARGOMANIA” a fitness competition specifically designed for this population.  It was both the passion for helping all people to create positive change in their lives through movement and the adaptability of the programming that attracted me instantly.
CrossFit has become more to me then just physical fitness training.  It is a way to both share and grow, no matter who you are, in becoming the person you deserve to be.  The overall life transformations I see in my athletes on a daily basis continues to inspire me to strive to improve and grow on my own journey of life.
League basketball
Mountain biking
Sports analysis
Behavior Modificaiton theory
Human Kinetics
Adapted sports coaching
Special Olympics programming


Dug – Resident Gym Dog

Puppy Kindergarden Grad


Howling along with Sirens
High Fives
Running Laps & Puppy Play Dates